Fees and Finance

A full breakdown of costs is provided for all treatment plans.  Take a look at our fee guide for an indication of costs when providing quality dental care.

Private Fee Scales as at 1st August 2017

Examination / Consultation £51.00
Small X-Rays  Each £23.00
Visit to hygienist Per half hour £57.00
Large X-Ray £46.00
White Filling £140.00
Pin £40.00
Extraction per Tooth (except wisdom)


Tooth whitening at the surgery (Zoom) £575.00
At home tooth whitening £375.00


Additions (per Tooth) £150.00

New acrylic / Plastic denture – Partial

New acrylic / Plastic denture – Full



Chrome Metal Denture £1350.00
                       Clasps £80.00


Metal Bonded £540.00
Metal Free £695.00
Fabricated Core £180.00
Re-cement £90.00
Semi-Permanent Build up with Pins £295.00

Root Canal Treatment

Per Tooth £520.00

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

1 Facial Area crow’s feet or frown lines (glabellar lines) £180.00
2 Facial Areas £210.00
3 Facial Areas price by arrangement

Dermal Fillers

1st Syringe £195.00
2nd Syringe 10% off Introductory Offer. The number of syringes used is a matter of patient choice and depends upon the volume/area of the face, and extent of the wrinkles/lines. £155.00
3rd Syringe £100.00

We accept major credit and debit cards, cheques and cash.

For complex or lengthy treatments, payments by instalments can be arranged.

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