Coronavirus Procedure

    When you come to the practice, please disinfect your hands on entering the premises. With social distancing requirements, we can only seat two people in the waiting room, at any one time.


    We would request that you DO NOT use the toilet facilities, unless absolutely necessary.


    When you are called to the surgery, we shall record your temperature.


    We shall don the appropriate PPE for your treatment. There will be a PPE fee of £20 per course of treatment.


    Upon finishing treatment, please see the receptionist for payment of fees and to make any further appointments.


    When leaving the practice, please follow the exit signs to the rear of the building and on to the side alley.


    Please rest assured, we are doing everything in our power, to provide you with safe and effective treatment. We ask for your patience at this very difficult time.



    Have you been to an affected place in the last 14 days




    had contact with somebody with Coronavirus,




    do you have any of these symptoms?


    Cough          Fever


    Shortness of breath


    Loss of smell or taste


    If yes, to protect yourself and others please go home and call NHS 111 for expert advice. Please do not come to the practice.





    All required boxes MUST be completed

    I hearby declare that I do not display any of the above symptomsAccepted

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    Do you suffer from headaches? (required) 

    Do you suffer from high blood pressure? (required)

    Do you or any close relative suffer from diabetes? (required)

    Did you have rheumatic fever as a child? (required)

    Do you suffer from epilepsy? (required)

    Ladies only, are you pregnant? (required)

    Do you have any reason to suspect you may carry HIV, hepatitis B or C? (required)

    Do you have any chest/lung problems? (required)

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    Do you have any allergies? (required)

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    Do you suffer from any heart problems (required)

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    Have you had a blood test for any reason in the last 15 years? (required)

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    I consent for Hillcross Dental Practice to send me reminders by Text message and or email:

    I consent to be given details of my appointment times, planned treatments and costs Accepted

    I understand a fee will be charged if an appointment is broken or cancelled without 2 working days notice. Accepted

    Personal details may be shared with the General Dental Council, Care Quality Commission, NHS, Dental payment plan administrators, Fraud prevention agencies or in the possible sale of the practice, to the purchaser of said practice Accepted

    I understand I can withdraw my consent at any time Accepted

    So that we can allocate sufficient time for your appointment, please indicate what the nature of your problem is, or what you would like us todo:

    I consent to treatment Accepted


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