Our Philosophy

Careful and early diagnosis of dental disease can lead to early rectification, thus minimizing intervention. This generally leads to longer lasting solutions.

Keeping healthy, natural teeth for life is possible by planned maintenance. The patient just needs to allow us to intervene when we discover the earliest signs of things going wrong. This avoids the situation where circumstances overtake and force radical steps, often involving the loss of some teeth with the associated bone. Sometimes, however, tooth loss is inevitable but there are always replacement solutions available.

At Hillcross Dental Surgery we recommend and undertake treatment for patients as we would do for ourselves and our families. Our patients can expect high calibre treatment and care within hygienic, comfortable and relaxing surroundings.

We provide advice and education on home care and diet, as the longevity of any restorative or cosmetic treatment is directly related to how well it is maintained. It is essential to keep teeth, gums and bone healthy if we are to retain our natural teeth with minimal intervention.

We also understand the importance of being able to smile with confidence and we offer a full range of cosmetic treatments.

We will present the most ideal treatment plan for your specific situation, as we believe you should be informed of the best that modern dentistry can provide. We are always upgrading our knowledge to ensure you will have the latest information, so that you can make the correct choice for your treatment needs.